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Akrotiri has the only beaches in Caldera within easy walking distance.

Caldera beach is easily accessible by car and foot and offers a unique view of Caldera, along with crystal blue waters.

Balos is the beach where local people meet. Located within a short walk from the motorway, the small sandy beach and the fantastic site of a small church above the sea will reward you.

Red Beach the famous beach is also near Akrotiri within 5 minutes of driving. The red rock formations attribute to this place a unique character.

Mesa Pigadia is a rocky beach not so crowded with a water cave which you can access by swimming.

Perivolos or Perissa beach is the longest beach on the island. Its crowded beach bars and water sport activities will keep you busy all day long.

Kamari beach is located at the eastern part of the island, famous for its clear blue water.


Oia is a village you should visit, not only for the famous sunset but also for the unique architecture.

Fira, the capital of the island, is well-known for its shopping venues and the vibrant nightlife.

Pyrgos is a traditional village built around a castle from the Dark Ages. Its location provides easy access to the highest point of the island, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view. 

The village Emporeio is not very well-known, but the patient visitor will discover one of the best medieval castles of the island.

Volcano is one of the unique locations you may visit during your stay on the island. The crater is easily reachable while you may see smoke coming out of it. Excursions are also made to the nearby location of Hot Springs where you can swim into hot green water and sulphur.

Wineries The famous Santorini Wine is produced in Wineries. Santorini has a 5000-year tradition in wine-making, while the climate and the variety of the grapes we use, make our wines truly unique.


  • The Archeological site of Akrotiri finaly open Daily 08:00-20:00



  • "LA PONTA" in the Akrotiri Venetian castle a Greek Bagpipe, exhibition-workshop daily open free entrance 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00
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